Our staff works with state of the art technology, looking close at open standards and platforms available in the marketplace today, designing and developing voice and messaging applications. Designing, migrating or interconnecting your infrastructure can be a challenging activity where independent guidance can be very welcome. Our help can be in on different levels, from trouble shooting to full design of IP infrastructure and choice of the necessary components.

We have experience with different leading edge environments like:

  • BladeCenters from CISCO (UCS) and IBM (BladeCenterT)
  • JAINSLEE Open Application Development
  • Virtualization with VMWare and VirtualBOX
  • Ulticom SS7 Signalling Solutions
  • Cisco Cisco Virtualized Packet Core GGSN  
  • MATRIX online charging system (OCS) and policy and charging rules function (PCRF)

We can provide with telephony network simulation and test equipment for performing basic load testing and can assist with using other equipment in this context.