Current development convergence, telecom re-engineering and next generation applications transform the supporting role of IT to Telecommunication and vice versa. IT systems more and more becomes an integral part of the operator infrastructure environment and in the enterprise voice solutions. In this context we see a need for structural lock out of particular vendors and introduction of open platforms and commodity hardware, where the client remains to have a choice in the complete life cycle of a product.

OMNIVERSE wants to manifest itself in the Marketplace as a ‘technology and business enabler’ working with leading edge technology based on open standards, suitable for carrier grade deployment. We can support you with infrastructure design and application development in for mobile, fixed and ISP networks creating and finding the right solution. Our work does not stop with helping you making the right choice; we can assist you with integration managing vendors, SI’s and expectations.


Quality and sustainability

The quality of our management and advice differentiates itself because of their sustainability. An advice only has value when the desired change is realistic and feasible on the short and long term. Therefore it is our goal to not only provide with advice but also execute and maintain it, guiding and managing the involved parties, vendors and SI’s, but also developing ourselves in an ever changing ecosystem.